Logo Creations

Logo designs created for various companies & people. Each logo was designed from scratch for the individual person/company I was working with to create their vision. 2009-2016 Clients: Scott Morris, LA , CA Nick Soper, LA, CA DJ Erin Evans, NY, NY Jules Pericles Tamegue, LA, CA Oh Brooklyn Tours, BK, NY GoodWill Driving School, LA, CA Anon Prod.- HourAlibi Web, LA, CA Espirate Fought (Band), MAN, ENG The Sixth House Inc, LA, CA Natasha Arango, Jersey City, NJ

On Pointe Designs
Creative College Prep
Natasha Arango
DJ Erin Evans
Oh Brooklyn Tours
"b.i.g." Bull International Group
GoodWill Driving School
"Breathe" by Anahi
Espirate Fought
Grunge Band
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