Freelance work done for various people/companies. Clients: Jesse Koerse SuriyaWong, Bangkok RAFKHO Studios LA, CA Judith Z. Miller BK, NY Anon Prod. - HourAlibi Web, LA, CA Mario Dunkley, NY, NY Stein Diamonds, LA, CA Jean-Marc Dedeyne, LA, CA Scott Morris, Malibu, CA The Pearl Post (Newspapar), LA, CA

Flyer - front & back
Energy Drink Cans Graphic - The Pearl Post Newspapar
Bar Menu - front and back
Postcard - front and back
Business Card - front and back
Flyer Project
Event Flyer
Email Greeting
TwoSmiles by HP - Design Contest Greeting Card.
Photo Retouch
Tattoo Design
Tattooed by: Miguel Prada -
Tattoo Design (Mario)
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